Saturday, August 8, 2009

Come For Tea

For some time now I have been hostessing tea parties for my friends and family members. It all started in 1997 with my first tea party being at Chritmas. It was attended by friends from work and we had a lovely time. That began a tradition that I have continued every year. It is an event that I always look forward to.
Since moving to North Carolina two years ago, I have begun having birthday tea parties for my close friends and their families. It has been the beginning of what I consider a rewarding experience. My first tea party was for my longtime friend and Pastor's wife, Susan. After the party, Susan told me I should turn this into a business and use my creative talents to bless others who may not have the opportunity to do this kind of entertaining for themselves. So, I prayed about it and here we are.
It is my joy and humble pleasure to be able to bring an afternoon of delight and beauty to others. I will be posting photos of some of our tea parties in the future and am hoping you will all enjoy them.
This business effort is dedicated to all who will find peace, love, and laughter in the time it takes to share a cup of tea and a few moments of time. I give this business to the God I serve and ask His blessing over each moment of this endeavor.

In Grace,