Monday, August 30, 2010

Beginning Again

It has been a while since I have written anything here or on my primary blog ( Personal illness, a heavy work schedule, and the loss of several dear friends and family members have kept me from being able to think and/or write clearly. The past two months have been very difficult and I have struggled to come to terms with life's events. I have prayed some of my most earnest prayers and held to the promises of God's Word---both of which have become my strength.
I have discovered through this awful time that God is faithful. He is unwavering in His love, every present in time of need, ever willing to bear my pain when I am unable to bear it myself. The teachings of my childhood as a pastor's child have held me in good stead. Many times I have, in memory, heard my father's strong, booming voice speaking words that have given me direction and purpose. God is, indeed, faithful and uses many ways to help us in times of distress.
Graceful Moments, my primary blog, is my inspirational writing. It is where I write from my spiritual heart the things God places in my spirit. Tea and Roses is meant to show my day to day life and the joys I find in living with the blessings God has given me. My blogs have given me such an outlet and enabled me to meet such lovely people. I hope, very soon, to be able to return to each of you the blessing you have been to me by bringing some small measure of joy and peace to your lives through what I post.
So, as I emerge from a time of great testing, I ask each of you to remember me in your prayers. I have been so encouraged by so many of my blogger friends and I thank you for your concern. I am reminded of a passage of scripture written by the Apostle Paul in which he states that after we have endured great sorrow, we are able to comfort others with the comfort that we, ourselves, have received from God. May He comfort, encourage, and bless each of you today with the riches of His presence and His abiding love.

In Grace,