Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Tea 2009

Our beautiful buffet tea table.

I began having Christmas tea parties in 1997. Always with three or four close friends and always about a week before Christmas. The picture above is of my friends that came to my home this year. They are (from left to right) my pastor's wife and my dear friend, Susan, my friend Sonyia, and Susan's daughter, Kelly. We had such a lovely time.

I have discovered that it doesn't take a lot for people who are good friends to enjoy getting together. Although we had good food and the decor was lovely, it was the time we spent together that counted. Another friend of mine once said, "It is the celebrations of life that make it rich.". How true---how true.
May you enjoy your gathering of friends, no matter what the celebration.

In Grace,

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  1. Hi Marie! Thanks so much for stopping by my "place" and leaving such a sweet note about my sitting room re-do! I left you a comment last week about your lovely tea parties, but it appears to have gotten lost. I mentioned how much obvious thought and effort you put into them ... I admire your continuing such a wonderful tradition. I look forward to following your blog! Take care, Becca