Monday, May 10, 2010

A Birthday Tea

Angel centerpiece for the table

My friend, Janet, wanted a tea party for her birthday. As some of you may know, I host adult tea parties for special occasions. Janet told me that she didn't care what theme I chose as long as it was "pink". Since I am a confirmed "pinkaholic" this request was just what I loved.

It all began with pink roses

I cannot imagine a tea party without flowers and pink roses fit the bill perfectly. I divided a dozen roses into small clusters, placed them in bud vases, and set them at either end of the table. My friend and pastor's wife, Susan, was gracious enough to let us host the party in her beautiful dining room. She also provided her lovely china for our gathering. The roses and china complimented each other so wonderfully. The angel centerpiece is actually a tree topper I picked up at Hobby Lobby during the Christmas season several years ago. I thought she looked perfect on the table. I scattered some rose petals over the white damask , added some tea lights at each place setting, and the table came to life.

Buffet area with tea party fare

Our menu was delicious. We offered strawberry fizz punch, fresh fruit, cookies, chicken salad, and delicious croissants. Apple and cherry turnovers, whipped cream with fruit salad and, of course, hot tea with cream and sugar, rounded out the menu offerings.

We added a little feminine "foufou" to punch bowl.

What a wonderful time we all had. Unfortunately, we were all so busy taking photos of our surroundings, we didn't get pictures of the guests. Our small group of friends has shared both our joys and our sorrows. We have consoled, comforted, and prayed each other through many difficult times. We have also shared the joy of friendship, closeness, and love. We are bound by cords that cannot be broken. I am so blessed to have precious friends such as these. What an added bonus that they also love pink. (*_*)

In Grace,


  1. Hi Marie ~ this is such a lovely post. I enjoyed reading it! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving the lovely comment. I am so glad you have enjoyed purchasing treasures from me over the years. It touches my heart to know that someone is still enjoying the things that they acquired from me years later! (*_*) Hugs to you! ~Stacy~

  2. this your NEW BLOG? Are you still going to have the other one?

    SWEEEET party. Truly lovely. Wish I could have come and enjoyed the fun.

    Love to you~Rebecca

  3. This blog looks interesting...especially since I see that you're from W-S, NC! You must be A-OK. ;) I'll be checking you out some more...but I think you should post more often!
    The tea looked very special and beautiful.

    Oh hi, Rebecca (just above me here)!

  4. Marie, how nice to meet you and I loved your sweet post. Would have loved to have a seat at your table and share a cup of tea with you.